United to Fix the Broken RFS: A Matter of Our National Security, Economic Prosperity, and Energy Independence

Congressman Donald Norcross sits down with Herman Seedorf, senior Vice President of Refining Operations for PBF Energy, and radio host Joe Dougherty (“J Doc”) for a two-hour special edition of The Labor Show.

“To emphasize the impact that [this issue] has on both the refinery and consumers, at PBF Energy, we’re spending more on RINs than to run six refineries — more than on all other operating costs combined,” said PBF’s Brendan Williams. “RINs are raising fuel costs, putting jobs and fuel supplies at risk.”

“If the refinery can’t sustain the balance… everybody loses, including the public,” Congressman Norcross explained.

“We’re asking EPA to take the excess profit and motive out of the commodity and turn it back to how it was designed — as an accounting system.”

“This refinery has been the backbone of the Delaware Building Trades, and my local union for over 70 years. These are good-paying jobs, good union jobs, with benefits where you can sustain and raise a family, and possibly send your kids to college.”



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Fueling American Jobs Coalition

Fueling American Jobs Coalition

A coalition of union workers, local gas station owners, small retailers, and independent American refiners fighting to fix EPA’s flawed Renewable Fuel Standard.